Image of woman with sore fingers

Share your beautiful creations with us!

So, you have been using one or more of the EZ Tie family of products.  It’s great and a lot of fun for everyone! Will you do us a BIG FAVOR and share your creations with us?  We would love to see what you have made! We love happy faces, young and old, so show us yours with your balloons!  

Just follow the very simple directions below. 

Photos will be reviewed before they are posted. Thank you for your sharing your creations with us!
Image of woman with sore fingers
Image of woman with sore fingers
Image of woman with sore fingers
Image of EZ Tie Balloon Tying Tool

The Solution: EZ Tie™

So, what could be done to preserve our hands, ease our sore fingers, and make party decorating faster? We could just not use balloons, right? WRONG. Balloons are awesome!

​To solve the problem of sore fingers, we got to work and invented EZ Tie™!  Ez Tie™ is a balloon tying tool designed to improve your party decorating experience! No more sore fingers. No more hassle. With its ergonomic design, you can easily use it to tie as many balloons as you want, much faster and much more comfortably.

I have grandchildren who love to play with water balloons, but are too young to tie them. I have a degenerative disorder affecting the joints of my hands that prevents me from tying the balloons for them – this product is the perfect answer. It works as described, ties the balloons off quickly and easily.

~ E. Bajor

Whoever patented this was a genius! I hate hate hate tying knot on balloons because my little fingers get sore fast, plus honestly, I consider my girly hands pretty weak. I tied 180 balloons all by myself without any pain afterwards. The instructions was easy to follow and even has pictures on it.
~ A happy customer

I was skeptical about how easy this tool would be to use, but this was the best money I’ve spent in a long time! It was easy and painless. No blisters on your fingers or issues holding the balloon. I did helium balloons and regular balloons with ribbons, and it was all a breeze. Would definitely recommend!

~ Sara