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GET THIS!!!!! We did a balloon arch for our 2 year old’s birthday party, and this was so easy to use. Highly recommend this!!!

~ Sabrina

I don’t know when I’ll need to blow up 250 balloons again, but this product was definitely worth the money for the time it saved!

~ Kasey

This is worth every penny. Saved my fingers from a lot of pain and made it quick and easy to tie over 700 balloons!
~ D. Abraham

This tool is a must-have when you have a lot of balloons to tie! Without it my whole hand, especially my fingers, would be raw from the elastic sliding off my fingers when tying a knot on the balloon.
~ M.J.

Oh, man, is this thing ever HANDY!!! My poor old fingers struggle with tiny, tight things anymore – I wish someone had invented this YEARS AGO! Get one – you’ll be glad you did!

~ A Grandma

I found this to work exactly as advertised. Made quick work of tying balloons while saving my fingers!

~ L. Green