Image of woman with sore fingers

The Problem: Sore Fingers

It’s party time! Everything is being prepared, and the guests will arrive soon. Wait, there are still all these balloons to be blown up and tied! Volunteers gather and start working on the balloons. After the balloons are finally done, the volunteer’s fingers are now red and sore from tying so many balloons and ribbons. They don’t look very pleased and beg for no more balloons in the next party,

Sound familiar?  Yeah, like most families, business owners or simply balloons lovers, we ran into that situation many times too. Balloons are awesome, but tying them  up can be very uncomfortable and time consuming after getting through a few.

The Solution: EZ Tie

So, what could be done to preserve our hands? To make party decorating faster? We could just not use balloons, right? WRONG. Balloons are awesome!

​We got to work and created EZ Tie instead!  Ez Tie is a balloon tying tool designed to improve your party decorating experience! No more sore fingers. No more hassle. With its ergonomic design, now you can tie as many balloons as you want, much faster and much more comfortably.

Image of EZ Tie Balloon Tying Tool

I had no idea this item even existed. After doing hundreds of balloons for an art piece for a party, a friend on Facebook told me about this. I went to the party stores, and they did not even know what I was talking about. If you plan to blow up even 20 balloons, it is such a wonderful tool.

~ Conner's Mom

Whoever patented this was a genius! I hate hate hate tying knot on balloons because my little fingers get sore fast, plus honestly, I consider my girly hands pretty weak. I tied 180 balloons all by myself without any pain afterwards. The instructions was easy to follow and even has pictures on it.
~ A happy customer

Holy cow this thing is amazing!!! I do 100 Balloons every year for my son’s birthday to put in his bedroom so he has them when he wakes up to celebrate. This made it so much easier to tie and I didn’t get a sore on my fingers like I did the previous year!! Will be recommending to everyone I know.

~ Tammy